Fully Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Product Code : OZ-TOD-200

Product Code: OZ-TOD-200

Some applications are done manually in the fully automatic machine. Manual applications are valve closure and valve closing. The box from the cabinet enters the liquid filling as the first operation. After manual valves, the canister goes through the valve tightly to fill the gas. The tops of gas-filled boxes are automatically tumbled, then the covers are manually closed and the products are ready to be packed after the inkjet unit.


Gas Pressure / Gas Pressure: 8barr
Air Pressure: 8-10 barr
Production Capacity: 50-60 cans (of 200m)
Max Gas Filling Capacity / Max Gas Filling: 400 gr
Air Consumption: 3500 lt / min
Approx Lenght / Total Length: 11.5 m
Electrical Parameters / Electrical Specifications: 220V - 3kW